Josh Stirpe – Licensed Sales Center closes the loop

Licensed Sales Center closes the loop

What if we could discover the specific reason why an agent or customer would purchase or not purchase a Safeco product? Well now we can! Closed-loop feedback is currently being used by Underwriting, Claims, Distribution and the Licensed Sales Center (LSC). Closed-loop feedback is a way to capture real-time input from agents and customers, and then act on it immediately. Here’s how it works:

Shortly after an interaction with Safeco, agents and customers receive a brief survey asking about their experience and how likely they are to recommend Safeco. Based on the survey response, and permission to contact them, frontline managers take action by making follow-up calls.

The Licensed Sales Centers in Liberty Lake, Wash., and Golden, Colo., launched closed-loop feedback in May, 2011. Licensed Sales Territory Representatives (LTRs) at these centers handle calls from both potential and existing customers. The LTRs are in a prime position to improve customer experiences, make additional sales and bring clarity to a customer’s insurance purchase decision.
Having a tool to receive instant feedback on the individual transaction level will position Safeco to improve agent and customer experiences and increase our net promoter score.

By listening to current and potential customer feedback, the LSC has gained insight they have not had in the past. This feedback also has become a powerful coaching tool, and LTRs have welcomed this new process with excitement and enthusiasm. Some LTRs often stop by managers’ desks to see if more surveys have been completed.

Josh Stirpe, director of Licensed Sales, led the charge to get this feedback process in place for his organization within six weeks. “We couldn’t wait to get started,” Stirpe said. “It was easy to get it up and running and it shows agents we care about being as effective as possible in supporting their business growth.”

Early findings show improvement in customer satisfaction, and the feedback from “passive” or “detractor” customers show where we need to refine our sales processes. After receiving a call from Safeco managers, some survey responders even decided to purchase because they felt their voice was heard.

The month of June was a record-breaking month for the LSC with sales at more than 7,200 policies. While it is too early to draw definitive results of closed-loop feedback, the LSC is well on its way to helping Safeco become a beloved company.


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