Josh Stirpe – Closed-loop feedback opens business opportunities

Closed-loop feedback opens business opportunities

Over the past year, Safeco has been implementing closed-loop feedback throughout the organization with two main goals in mind: to support our business priority of improving customer experiences and to increase our net promoter score. Safeco’s Licensed Sales Centers (LSC) in Liberty Lake, Wash. and Golden Colo., launched closed-loop feedback last summer and since then it has become a critical part of their day-to-day operations.

Closed-loop feedback, which involves requesting feedback immediately after a customer’s interaction with Safeco, provides a wealth of information about how well we’re serving them. We learn whether a customer is likely to recommend Safeco, why they purchased from us (or didn’t), the interaction with our sales representative and more.

But how are we using this feedback? And what is it doing for our business?

In short, closed-loop feedback is a crucial tool in our journey to become a beloved company — and it is shaping our day-to-day actions as well as longer-term behaviors.

“Closed-loop feedback has been a great tool for us,” says Josh Stirpe, director of Licensed Sales. “Seeing exactly what the customer thought after interacting with Safeco really allows us to have impactful coaching conversations with our representatives.”

Licensed Sales is using this customer feedback to spotlight top performers, and inspire the team to improve. “We send emails to our teams highlighting great customer comments and our representatives who generated the most positive experiences,” says S. Moore, Denver site leader for Licensed Sales.

Additionally, each representative and their manager review all pertinent customer comments at monthly one-on-one meetings, making closed-loop feedback a personal-development tool as well.

And though our representatives do wonderful work, they aren’t interested only in pats on the back from customers. Constructive criticism helps everyone.

“A great example is a comment such as, ‘I wish the sales representative had given me more options,’” Moore says. “That feedback helps us ensure that we do more than just offer one price and hope that it’s right for the customer. We can sell value and show what the customer is really getting, and the customer can purchase a policy knowing they got the coverage they need for the best price.”

At first, Moore was surprised at the number of customers who are willing to give feedback, which shows a level of engagement that makes them likely to share their Safeco experience with others.

“Of course, I want the customer to speak highly of their experience with us and share what we did to stand out,” he says. “In sales our best leads are customer referrals, and every call we get is an opportunity to create new referrals. Closed-loop feedback tells us how we’re doing on that front, and how we’re impacting the business.”


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