Josh Stirpe – Meet the newest members of the Service Operations family: The Licensed Sales team

Meet the newest members of the Service Operations family: The Licensed Sales team 

Generating leads for the Licensed Sales team is an important component of a CSR’s role in Service Operations. And now with the Licensed Sales Center joining the Service Operations organization, that process is now more efficient than ever. By bringing in the licensed territory representatives (LTRs) who CSRs partner with every day, we are improving work group effectiveness, leveraging skills and talent and providing a more seamless experience for agents and customers. Here’s an inside look at the newest members of Service Operations: Safeco’s Licensed Sales Center.

Safeco’s Licensed Sales Centers, based in Liberty Lake, Wash. and Golden, Colo., are home to Safeco’s licensed territory representatives (LTRs), who handle calls from both potential and existing customers. Much like CSRs, the LTRs are in a prime position to improve customer experiences, generate additional sales and bring clarity to a customer’s insurance purchase decision.

When a call is transferred in from the Safeco Service Center, the LTRs review the accounts of existing Safeco customers and identify opportunities to expand coverage. And by using SalesForce, all the information they need is prepopulated into the system, creating a seamless transition for the customer.

Making it easy

Calls transferred from the Service Centers aren’t the only calls the Licensed Sales Center handles. When an agency has too many leads to maximize each one on its own, or is looking to generate more leads, the agency often turns to a partner, like the Safeco Licensed Sales Center, for help.

The Licensed Sales Center contracts with agencies to handle both the overflow of leads and to generate new ones. By outsourcing the lead generation and maximization process to Licensed Sales, agencies can spend their time in other ways and leave following up with leads to the experts in the Licensed Sales Center. By having a dedicated sales resource, the agent has more time, making it easier to sell Safeco and promoting growth for the agency and our company.

Building relationships

We know that building relationships with customers and agents through each interaction is an important part of what we do in Service Operations. But building relationships among the LTRs is essential for success as well. “The goal is to create a culture of success with clear expectations and recognition and an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciates their fellow employees,” says Josh Stirpe, director, Licensed Sales.

Seeing it through

Creating a positive customer experience all the way through their interaction with Safeco is important to the Licensed Sales team. That’s why they launched closed-loop feedback in May 2011. What is closed-loop feedback? It’s a process of listening, focusing on a solution and acting: shortly after an interaction with Safeco, agents and customers receive a brief survey asking about their experience. Based on the survey response, and permission to contact them, frontline managers take action by making follow-up calls.

By listening to current and potential customer feedback, the LSC has gained insight they have not had in the past, allowing them to refine their sales processes. Early findings show improvement in customer satisfaction — after receiving a call from Safeco managers, some survey responders even decided to purchase because they felt their voice was heard.

All about teamwork

“By bringing the Licensed Sales Team into the Service Operations organization, we are better positioned to create quality experiences for agents and customers,” says Stirpe. “Working together, we’ll identify the customer’s needs and provide the best insurance solution to their circumstance, and together, we will drive profitable growth for Safeco.”

Meet the Licensed Sales team


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