Josh Stirpe – Closed-Loop Feedback Improves Safeco Customer Interactions

Closed-Loop Feedback Improves Safeco Customer Interactions 

Closed-loop feedback is being used throughout Safeco’s Licensed Sales Centers (LSCs) across the country to help improve the customer and agent experience. Since May 2011, the LSCs have been using this tool to request instant feedback from both customers and prospects after interactions with representatives.

In closed-loop feedback, customers receive an email survey shortly after a call. The survey asks if the customer would recommend Safeco to others and to rate the experience with the representative on the phone. If the feedback received is negative, a manager calls the respondent back, usually within 24 hours, to try and find a solution. ”It gives us a 360-degree lens on how our interactions impact customers,” said Josh Stirpe, director of the Safeco Licensed Service Centers. “We can understand exactly where a sale is failing, and where we’re really succeeding.”

While closed-loop feedback can help with sales, it isn’t always about closing the deal. “We’ve evolved from just saying we’re customer- and agent-focused to actually proving it,” said Carly Wells, site manager for the Spokane, Washington, LSC. Wells shared a recent story in which the premium quoted on a policy was wrong. In the post-call survey, the customer gave the LSC the lowest possible rating, and said that he would definitely not recommend Safeco to others. When management followed up with this customer, he was extremely appreciative of the opportunity to share his story. “Sometimes a customer is just looking to be heard,” said Wells. “And we were able to take his feedback and share it with all the appropriate departments to get the issue addressed.”

“We don’t always have the right product or rate to meet a potential customer’s need,” said Stirpe. This was the case with another recent caller to the LSC, who did not become a Safeco customer but gave high marks for customer service. In fact, in the post-call follow-up, the prospect noted that price was the determining factor in his decision, and that he would quote with Safeco again in the next year. 

“Using closed-loop feedback, we create enhanced, positive perceptions of Safeco,” said Stirpe. “It helps us stand out in the independent agent marketplace.” 

Closed Loop Feedback Improves


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