Josh Stirpe – Licensed Sales Center Leaps To New Record

Licensed Sales Center Leaps To New Record

If superheroes were asked to write policies, they might be hard pressed to be beat the Safeco team. The Licensed Sales Center (LSC) reps just finished closing the books, and they set a new record for policies written in the month of August!

The previous August record for policies written, which was set in 2012, was 7,035. So the LSC reps decided to challenge themselves and soar to new heights in August of this year. They reached those new heights and wrote 7,138 policies in August. They even came close to breaking the all-time single-month record of 7,214 set back in June 2011.

Team members were inspired by Superman-themed posters, break-outs, and lunches, as well as Superman trivia, which all contributed to their “super powers” and their reaching the record plateau.

“The business analyst team, led by Robert Warnock, provided some great support with analyst Amanda Maifeld providing progress reports and updates to the department. Everyone stepped in to help push for the record, with the management team working to coordinate an impromptu contest for the Labor Day weekend to drive results,” said Carly Wells, site manager for the sales center in Spokane, Washington. “This work, as well as the exceptional efforts from all of our LTRs, made August a month to be proud of.”

Our super team also had some nifty gadgets to help in their super endeavors. Profitability indicators were added to the OSCAR tool, making it easier to filter out the business that doesn’t align with Safeco targets, allowing the reps to focus on the business that does meet our criteria. And Symon desk view gives them a real-time status of the number of calls in the queue and when the optimal times are to make outbound calls.

“We’ve seen a lot of different tools and processes finally come into a mature status, and that can now be fully utilized by all team members. It allows us to set and attain these goals,” said Josh Stirpe, director, Licensed Sales. “It’s almost an art form to have achieved this balance of information, tools, and optimized employee time.”

Congratulations to the LSC reps for a super August and for helping Safeco soar to new heights. Whoosh!



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