Josh Stirpe – Licensed Sales Center Shatters Record for Policies Sold – Again!

Licensed Sales Center Shatters Record for Policies Sold – Again!

The Licensed Sales Center (LSC) doesn’t just set new monthly sales records—they shatter them. They did it last August and they did it again this past April.  Amazingly, LSC sites in Spokane and Denver combined to sell 7,074 policies in April, besting their previous mark by over 700 policies.

More With Less
Thanks to a front-line screening process, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) in Service Operations are now filtering their leads before passing them along to the LSC. This way, the Licensed Sales Territory Representatives (LTRs) receive higher quality leads that they are more likely to quote and convert.

“Pre-screening the leads means we’re spending more time selling versus talking to customers we really can’t help,” said Josh Stirpe, who founded the LSC in 2003 and serves as its Director. “This smaller lead universe has actually translated into more sales and an increased conversion ratio.”

Firing On All Cylinders
Another contributing factor to the surge in sales has to do with coaching. With the busy summer season looming, the LSC added new hires to handle the increased call-flow. During their onboarding, the new hires were partnered with more-senior LTRs in a mentorship program that accentuated the fundamentals of the business.

As Stirpe explains, the seasoned LTRs “played the role of teacher, and whenever you do that, you focus on your own skill set even more. So now we’re firing on all cylinders from top to bottom.”

Next up? The LSC team has set its sights on the record for policies sold in any month: 7,212, set in June 2011. “We’re really gearing up to break the all-time record this summer,” said Stirpe. “And when we do, there’s going to be a huge celebration.”

Here’s to LSC breaking records and taking names!




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