Josh Stirpe – This ‘game-changing’ tool helps shift client conversations from product to value

Is this how your exchange goes with a new client? While this conversation gets the customer what they’re looking for at that moment, they may not realize all you can do for them once you’re aware of the assets they have to protect — and just how much they can save when you package it together.

A tool to change the conversation

Safeco’s motorcycle low-touch tool makes it easy to change your client conversations from a product conversation to one about value. When you’re quoting an auto policy, Quote & Issue™ can automatically pre-fill a motorcycle quote with data from your customer’s Safeco® Auto policy.

According to Josh Stirpe, Director, Safeco’s Licensed Sales Center (LSC), motorcycle low touch has been a game changer for the LSC’s team of licensed risk advisors who sell Safeco policies on behalf of agents.

“Motorcycle low touch helps quickly move the conversation to ‘household risk’ versus the traditional product-by-product approach, says Stirpe. “These conversations are a differentiator for independent agents in today’s marketplace.”

Examples of success

Mike Carney, a Licensed Territory Representative with the LSC recently had a client call for an auto quote. “He was impressed that low touch automatically served up his motorcycle information,” says Carney. “I used that to move the conversation beyond the auto policy and then tie it all together with an umbrella policy as well. Low touch helped me take what would have been a single policy and turn it into three.”

Luke Sahlberg, also an LSC Licensed Territory Representative, uses the motorcycle low-touch tool every time it pops up. “Most clients don’t have their VIN handy so the more information we have available to us, the more power we have to close policies.” he says. “I can think of about a dozen times where this tool helped me turn a single policy into a cross-sell or a two-policy package into a three-policy package.”

How it works

When you’re completing an auto quote in Quote & Issue, Safeco looks for additional information about the registered household. If a motorcycle is found, you’ll see a banner that invites you to complete a pre-filled motorcycle quote. It completes the rider and location information as well as the VIN, make, model and year.

So when you see the low-touch banner, your conversation can go something like this:



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