Josh Stirpe – Another Year, Another Record Broken by the Licensed Sales Center

Another Year, Another Record Broken by the Licensed Sales Center

Whether it’s a new high for temperatures or for home runs, records are often broken in the summer. And for our Licensed Sales Center (LSC) in Liberty Lake and Golden, this is especially true. For the second year in a row, the LSC shattered its all-time single-month record for policies written—with 8,159—resulting in $5.9 million in written premium in June. The previous record was last July’s 7,474 policies written.

Better Leads = More Binds

The LSC Licensed Sales Territory Representatives (LTRs) are receiving higher-quality leads thanks to a collaborative effort between internal and agent partners, resulting in more quotes and conversions. LSC Director Josh Stirpe also attributes the uptick in new policies to the LTRs’ incremental improvements in all core performance indicators.

“We’ve really optimized the process and increased the conversion ratio on the leads that are coming to us. We’re being more selective with the leads that we take in. LTRs are focusing more on the value sales approach versus the price sales approach,” said Stirpe.

Another contributing factor to the surge in sales has to do with the LTRs taking extra time to articulate the value of insurance to customers.

As Stirpe explained, “Our reps work very hard to help customers understand what insurance is all about and how it covers gaps in their lives. LTRs know their customers’ needs and educate them on what the ideal coverage is for their situation.”

T-shirts for Everyone

To celebrate surpassing 8,000 new policies in a single month, all the LTRs received specially made T-shirts, a tradition Stirpe and everyone at the LSC hope to repeat next summer.

“Our goal for next summer is 8,500 new policies,” said Stirpe. “If we continue to do what we’re doing, I’m confident we’ll be celebrating next year at this time as well.”



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