Josh Stirpe – ACO Leadership Team Hits the Road!


Mike, Suzanne, Josh Stirpe, Julie, and I just got back from two weeks on the road visiting the Agency & Customer Operations (ACO) teams in Seattle, Liberty Lake, Golden, Fairfield, Indianapolis, and Suwanee.

While there, we were able to meet with local leadership teams, visit with employees in Town Hall sessions, share 2016 business goals and strategies, and address employee questions.

It’s always motivating to be at our sites. I’m continually inspired to see you in action and watch you service our agents and customers in partnership with your co-workers in the field and home office.

We received a lot of thoughtful questions during the Town Hall sessions. You were excited about the planned investments being made to improve the customer experience such as telephony and virtual hold. There was also significant interest in how Licensed Sales contributes to Safeco growth.

An area that was raised for attention was systems stability. To identify opportunities and address concerns, a cross-functional RCPS team has been put in place with representation from IT, Agency Field Operations, Agency Business & Technology Solutions, and ACO. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on progress. We appreciate your feedback and will continue to look at ways to address questions ongoing, have two-way dialogue, and provide updates on our business goals and performance.

We can’t accomplish anything without strong teams, strong employees, and strong partnerships with our agents and each other. Last year was a great year for ACO and we are excited to keep the momentum going in 2016 and beyond!

Thank you to each and every one of you for delivering exceptional service, risk, and sales solutions that empower agents and give our customers #peaceofmind. You are the reason we are leaders in the independent agency channel.

ACO Roadshow


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