Josh Stirpe – LSC Continues on the Road to Continuous Improvement

Congratulations to the Licensed Sales team for your ongoing hard work and dedication to complete our recent LMS transformation. By putting the customer at the center of all we do, we will be better equipped to adapt to changes that come our way, use every opportunity to apply learning, and continuously improve the way we support our agents and customers.

I’m pleased to share that even though early in our LMS transformation, we’ve already accomplished impressive results:

  • In the Diagnostic Phase, we gathered information during Value Stream Mapping exercises to increase our understanding of pain points and inefficiencies
    • The Value Stream Maps (posted in each of our sites) show our opportunities to improve the agent and employee experience, increase production, and gain efficiencies
  • These results led to hard work in the Design phase including the development of:
    • Standard work for the open and close of a call, call documentation, and Quote Not Provided
    • Newly refreshed huddle boards with a balance on metrics, behaviors, voice of the customer, and voice of the employee that will help improve setting of customer expectations and the overall customer experience
      Leader Standard Work focused on value add activities
      A Root Cause Problem Solving (RCPS) plan that will drive consistency and deepen our continuous improvement mindset

Currently, we are seeing these new behaviors in action. We are executing on our RCPS plan and are conducting RCPS sessions along with Process Walks to identify improvement opportunities and ensure effectiveness of our standards. Looking ahead, we will continue to embed LMS practices into our daily work, which will provide learning’s to help us sustain and deepen continuous improvement now, and in the future.

I’m proud of our team and grateful for everyone’s contributions during this journey. Thank you to each of you. Together, we will continue to drive business results and achieve our aspiration of being #1 in the independent agency channel!





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